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Why SAAS based is preferred over routine methods?

Admin Oct 22, 2019
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Enterprise resource planning(ERP) is software which organizations use to automate their routine activities. The activities can be tracked by the management using the software. Common processes such as business transactions, data processing, information assessment, accounting, procurement and human resource are all managed using ERP business tool.

There are various methods that can be used in acquiring an ERP system solution to a business. Every business requires a robust and straight forward approach in acquiring an ERP system. Among the various methods in the market, SaaS based is considered to be ideal for most of the businesses not only in India but across the European nations. Ideally, there are a number of reasons why the SAAS based method of purchasing an ERP solution such as:

Its flexibility of location and time.
There is a monthly payment structure that allows businesses to begin as soon as possible.
Allow to disconnect whenever you no longer require the application.
Free from backup apprehension.
Its runs with the browser such as Mozilla or Chrome hence no installation costs incurred.
Operating System(OS) independent, so can run on multiple platforms such as IOS, Mac and Windows. Also Mobile application makes it easier, because you can operate it from your android or I-phone.
No other license cost involved.
Proper security incorporated.

In the recent years, the SaaS based method of acquiring the ERP has been preferred by majority of the business enterprises because it helps in reducing the cost of hardware, support, and software.

The implantation of the ERP system is the most critical phase of acquiring the solution in a business and mainly for routine based it become more time taking and average with the features. While Saas based make this process effortless.

First there are no implementation costs which are incurred when the SaaS based software delivery model is opted in acquiring the ERP solutions for the business. It also ensures that the business acquires as many features of the software as possible including budgeted tracking, supply management, approval of workflows, creation of reports among other vital features of the ERP software etc.

Regardless of the business size, the implementation of the ERP solutions takes a few days to be completed unlike the traditional method of purchasing the software. The other reason why the SaaS based method is preferred is that it ensured that the business operations are stream lined and the internal processes controlled.

Another concept that makes the SaaS procurement model preferred is that, it allows the user to test full application features before buying it (TheERPHub offers that, you can buy desired modules with one user and test it). By doing so, it offers the business with the much needed security of their resources preventing them from purchasing unrealistic software from the vendors.

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