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" A goal without any plan is just a desire."

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Production and planning module is the nervous system of the Production process. TheERPHub understands the significance of it that is why, after analyzing all the requirements thoroughly we created this exclusive Production and planning module. PPM(Production and planning module) which will integrated with other major modules to help it in handling all production, planning, data, management etc by its own. Here you can modify the utilization of manufacturing capacity, components, inputs, outputs, by-products, overheads, material resources using previous production data etc. This tool helps an organization to plan production with the optimum utilization of all available resources.

Production & Planning Management ERP Software Solutions

Do you know, how much loss or profit you have done with a particular production batch?
Do you know how many batches are running under which process or sub process?
Are you able to backtrack your raw material from finish product batch to find out the defect in the product which the customer complained?
Do you know how many batches are running under which process or subprocess? for your Manufacturing Industry.

Why Important ?

Production planning and Production management are one of the most important parts to run any business in the market because it will affect the quality of the product. Production planning ensures materials, equipment, and employees are all accessible to meet production goals for an organization. It also provides a comprehensive plan on how a company will achieve its production goals and how long it will take to get there and it also helps to maximize the profits and ensures that the needs of the customer are being met.

What is the BOM ?

Many companies use BOM, i.e., Bill of Material for the production purpose. BOM can be defined according to the finished products. The bill of materials describes what? How? As well as where? to purchase the essential equipment, plus contains directions regarding how to assemble them.
The working chain of it is like:
"Raw material"- "Intermediate material" - "finish product"

Production & Planning Management ERP Software Module

After making of BOM in procurement module it forwarded to the Purchase module through inventory GRN. Then converted into QC and afterwards Production module works upon it. Production module is available in three format to manufacture everything.


Sub processes



Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of production module

Create Batch

In create batch, a serial number get allotted and here you will get all the details of production including quantity, persons involved, processes etc. which is automatically fetched from BOM.

Material Indent

After 'create batch' document is generated, the actual production of the product starts. And to start firstly material indent (quantity of materials required for the process) is informed to authorized person at store, subsequently the material gets issued from the store

Process To Process

Material indent differs from process to process. Hence, separate material indent is generated every time. Through these processes, the final finished product is generated.

Material Return Voucher

Sometimes, during production, some materials are left unused. So, these can be returned by generating Material Return Voucher.

Third Party Manufacturer

For some companies Material Job inward or Material Job Outward is used because the company itself is a third party manufacturer. So, the products go for assembling or finishing purpose through Material Job Outward.


Production is done, pending production, production loss, quantity of raw material used, inventory required to fulfil the order etc. all comes under the inventory module and production and planning module.

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Production Mobile App

Manage Production Batches, Material Issue, Material Produce and Material Return from the Mobile Application.
Show Delay Batches, Ongoing batches and can raise material indent from mobile application.

" A goal without any plan is just a desire. "

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