Procurement Module

" If you don’t drive your business, you will be driven out of business. "

procurement module

Procurement module in TheERPHub manages all procurement-related activities such as evaluation, selection, supplier relationship, managing vendors, to raising RFQ etc. electronically without manual effort. Thus now eases down your administrative burden and own an easiest working system which can be operated from your phone too. TheERPHub Procurement module provides all these features along with some other key characteristics such as RFQ and Vendor Registration etc.

Procurement Management ERP Software Solutions

Do you have on hand, total registered vendors list, what they have supplied till now and what are their potentials?
Do you manage Purchase requisitions and its management?
Do you have a system which can send Request for Quotation(RFQ) by finding related vendors or suppliers from the system on his own?

Procurement Management ERP Software Module

Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of Procurement module.

Bill of Material

When a Sales Order is placed, a Bill of Material or Bill of Quantity is generated for procurement, which is usually a list of materials to be used for manufacturing the product.

Purchase Requisition

Based on availability of inventory in store, Purchase Requisition generated for procurement of remaining material.


RFQ(Request for Quotation) is generated based on Purchase Requisition which will be emailed from the application to the respective registered supplier or approved vendor asking for the quotation.


Once quotations are received, rates and payment terms entered into the system for comparison.

Prepare Purchase Order

Based on requirement, you can confirm one quotation and prepare Purchase order.

Vendor Registration

To get multiple quotations, we have developed an additional module, known as Vendor Registration and RFQ.

Vendor Registration

Every manufacturing company has links to various suppliers and these suppliers are attached to the company through vendor registration. The company has all the details about the suppliers name, address, their turnover, which industries they deals with and for how many items. The database of every new vendor who joins through vendor registration is maintained in same fashion.

Optional Module

This is an optional module, you can directly add him into supplier and make Purchase Order. But generally the vendor registration process is followed, through which the supplier is authenticated by the document he provides and only then he is approved.


Like lead company becomes the client, in similar way the vendor who registers himself under vendor registration becomes the supplier.

Transfer to Supplier

A transfer to supplier option present, which allows transferring the vendor registration details into the supplier management module.

erp procurement erp procurement mobile app

Procurement Mobile App

One can prepare Purchase Order/Purchase Order Requisition from mobile application.
Purchase Order Chart, Pending Purchase Order, Pending Requisition, Overdue Purchase Order on Mobile Dashboard.

What is RFQ ?

The major advantage of vendor registration is that, you don't need to contact each and every vendor individually to get the rate list comparison and the payment method. There is RFQ system, which means Request for Quotation. Make a RFQ document, in which you will mention your requirements about the quantity, quality and other necessities of the material. Also, specify the due date and the payment terms and conditions in it and then submit the document. The system will then generate a print of the document in certain format. Then you can send that RFQ document to the approved vendors or registered suppliers through email. When the vendors will reply to your mail with their quotation of the material, you can easily compare them. Then you can finalize the quotation you like the most. Then you can make purchase order out of it and can include annexure, comments etc. through the integrated system. You can issue the purchase order via system generated email. In Procurement module various documents are generated such as Purchase Requisition, RFQ, Purchase Order Issue and Purchase Order Service.

" If you don't drive your business, you will be driven out of business. "

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