Customer Relationship Management

" Make a Customer not a Sale. "

crm customer relationship management

Throughout the history of business, one of the most critical features of business has been customer relationship. It is not just in this digital era that customer relationship is pivotal. Maintaining a healthy and productive customer relationship is the way to ensure a bright future for the business.

CRM ERP Software Solutions

Have you ever managed your potential leads and its follow-ups?
Do you know, how much potential sales you loose if marketing employees leave the company without potential lead data?
Do you know, whom to follow-up today, which are the missed follow-ups and which deal is at what stage?

CRM ERP Software Module

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, the way businesses interact with present and future customers. Therefore, CRM module is a tool or a technical system that automates and integrates your customer dealing activities like sales, marketing, and customer service. The CRM modules handles the whole hierarchy of the department or 2-3 people in the department or organization, therefore it is useful for all types of organization.

Lead Company

It contains the name of the company from where we have received the inquiry.

Lead Name

When the inquiry for the product gets registered on the lead name-that is the person or the source from where the inquiry was raised.

Deal Name

Deal name basically is the inquiry name and hence the deal gets registered in deal name.

Why CRM ?

CRM works in stages, these stages are molded by the organization itself.


The dashboard of our CRM Module is so efficiently made that it shows it in various ways so if you have the full rights to the CRM module, then it will show the details of all the employees, otherwise it will show the data of your own and the employees below your grade. Our CRM shows list wise representation, stage wise representation, time wise representation.

Add Deal

Raw data feature has a tool namely add deal, in which we can add a new deal, stating the requirement of the company, company name, the contact details of the person for the deal and the expected value of the deal. It hold the deal in the pending status. For the expected value, we have a provision where we can add multiple currencies in our CRM.


We can create different types of campaign in the module, we can also create lead sources for under the campaign if there is an agent, Industry specific leads can also be added in the Deal module. It can list all the details regarding the campaign, like how many leads were generated etc.

Activity Module

Activity module is a unique feature in our CRM module which helps to create an activity by the employee stating the progress and the action plan on the current deal. It will set reminder for the employee allotted to act on the activity and simultaneously it will remind the person on its dashboard for the future activity, pending activity or overdue activity.

Turn Around Time

It provides the total turn-around time the deal has taken for finalizing the proposal. By using this CRM module, you will be cutting so much cost such as hiring executives just to manage all this data, which will now be on the tip of your finger. The system also teaches the employees how to analyze important data and which data to focus on.

Quotation Negotiation

It contains a very useful tool namely Quotation negotiation, under which you don't have to prepare the whole quotation again, you just need to do the changes in the figures and the whole quotation is ready.

Deal Status

After the quotation part, it will then be concluded if the deal has been won or lost therefore an option for that as well is provided in the CRM module.

Customized Version

We ensure you get all the feature which you require in your industry and pay only for that. The CRM module is centralized and you don't waste valuable time or a great opportunity waiting for the system to upload the data for your reference.

Internal and External Collaboration

CRM module allows sharing information among teams, departments. So that everyone can access up-to-date information, so customers never have to repeat themselves while reaching out to the organization.

erp crm software erp crm mobileapp

CRM Mobile App

Deals can be entered / searched / modified from mobile.
Mobile Notification can be received for Deal Activity reminder.
Real time Data can be accessed.
Graphical representation to view overview of deals / upcoming business / deal status etc.

Beyond Sales and Marketing

CRM is usually used as a sales tool but, it can deliver significant benefits across the organization from the customer service to supply-chain management. With the effective use of CRM module across the organization you will witness accurate sales reporting and improved customer satisfaction and retention. This creates a more positive experience for customers who no longer have to bear the frustrations of being bounced around between departments and having to re-explain their problem each time they talk to an executive. This gives unparalleled insight into how customers feel and what they are thinking about an organization. Hence CRM is viable everywhere because it is cost effective, instant deployment and use anywhere on any device.

" Make a Customer not a Sale. "

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