Approval Management System

erp approval management system

Configure and setup a document which needs approval.

Set multi-stage approval with multiple employee or designation option.

Notification generated for each approval stage as per need.

Pre Sales



Sales Bill



Pre Purchase



Bill Of Entry
Bill Of Entry RCM

Best Approval Management System For Any Business

Introducing our Approval System ERP module, the comprehensive solution for seamless and efficient approval management within your organization.

With our Approval System ERP module, you can effectively manage approvals for every voucher, implement multi and single-layer approval workflows, and ensure a hierarchical and designation-based approval process.

Let's explore the features that make this module indispensable for streamlined approval processes.

Features Of Approval ERP System Module:
  • Approval system for every voucher
  • Implement multi and single layer approval workflows
  • Hierarchical and designation-based approval process

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