Recruitment Module

" Management is nothing more than motivating other people. "

erp recuitment module

Human Resource Management is the function of the organization that deals with matters related to employees such as hiring, performance management, organization development, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, administration, and training.

Human Resource HR Management ERP Software Solutions

Do your company manages resume collection and search as per need on collection?
Do you know, No. of Vacancies available in different departments of your company?


Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of HR module

Resume Uploading

This master helps to add on the candidates resume, like HR Designation, department, qualification level, degree, stream, university, functional area, industry.

Recruiting and Job Post

HR departments these days are using online recruitment process for available positions in the organization. Every department uploads a job post for the position vacant. So the candidate will apply on the job post.

Interview Data

So after the candidate has applied for the post, he or she will be giving their interviews and with respect to that they will or will not become a employee of the company..

Human Resource HR Management ERP Software Module

Its main purpose is to efficiently use the talents and abilities of the employees to efficiently achieve the objectives of the organization. The HR management ensures that the employee working in the organization is satisfied with both the working environment and the benefits that he or she receives.

Human resource module not only reduces the workload but also increases the efficiency of the department, by setting a standard procedure.

HR Activity

This the whole HR activity module which consists of the bio-data of the candidate for lifetime, the HR module enables us to manage the life cycle data of the employee. HRM systems change human resources information into an electronic format and further adds this information in the management systems of the organization. HR data is integrated into the Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) systems of the organization. This module improves efficiency and hiring in the HR department and allows employees to become a strategic partner in achieving organizational goals.

" Management is nothing more than motivating other people. "

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