Transport Management System

  • Freight & Fleet management.
  • Vehicle & Tyre management.
  • Fuel management.
  • E-way Bill and E-Invoices.

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Transport ERP Modules

Logistics is a highly competitive sector where changing market conditions and customer demands are pushing harder than ever before.This impressive digital technology redefines how a business can better manage its logistics and transport organization.

Real-time information is extremely useful for logistics activities.

TheERPHub is a cloud based transport management system that handles all the aspects such as tyre tracking, Vehicle parts and service, vehicle insurance, Fuel filling and oil change, Vehicle Contract and vehicle hire bill, vehicle inspection, Commission agent,Commission Memo, lorry slip, Broker Bill, Transport bill, LR, Delivery order, Transport Challan, Gate pass creation, GST billing, Accounting & finance management. It has all the functionality that the best transportation management software should have like,

Multiple User management with rights,

Multiple departments,

Multiple branch Management,

Multiple Godown,

Consignee & Consigner management,

Delivery orders, Gate pass creation, Challan entry,

Load multiple consignments in a single truck,

Full Truck Load and Part Truck Load Option

Proof of Delivery in a single process.

Auto mailing of reports to the client as per requirement.

Upload POD using Mobile App.

erp transport industry

Main Modules

Logistics & Fleet Management

Transport Contractors
Commission Agents
Transport Order
Lorry Slip (LR)
Transport Challan
Trasport Bill
Commission Memo
Broker Order
Broker Bill

Vehicle Management

Insurance Management
Driver Management
Vehicle Owners
Vehicle Parts & Services
Vehicle Make
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Master
Vehicle Purchase Bill
Vehicle Insurance
Vehicle Fuel Filling
Vehicle Oil Change
Vehicle Contract
Vehicle Inspection

Tyre Management

Tyre Make
Tyre Location
Tyre Detail
Vehicle Tyre Allotment
Tyre Stock Management
New Tyre Replacement
Toggle Tyre With In Vehicle
Toggle Tyre with Other Vehicle
Tyre removed
Tyre Scrapped
Tyre Location History Management
Tyre NSD & PSI Information
Tyre Total KMS running Managment
Scraped Tyre Sell information


Lead Company
Follow Ups
Activity Management
Deal Document Management
Monthly Deal Report
Auto Deal Creation through Email Integration
Deal MIS Reports


Credit Note
Debit Note
Cost Head Management
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Aging Reports
Financial Group Report
Financial Sub Group Report
Ledger Report
Bills Receivable / Payable

Document Management(DMS)

Public / Private / Self DMS Category Creation
Multiple Document Upload
Integrated with All modules
DMS with File No
Client Documents
Supplier Documents
Employee Documents
Order and Drawing documents
Organization Documents

Notification & Communication

In-app Notification System
Email Management
Whatsapp Messaging
SMS System
Reminder System
To do list
Announcement System
Work Automation System
Auto Emailer

HR & Recruitment

Job Requisition
JRF Approval
Jobpost Management
Resume Collection
Interview Round Management
Question Management System
Auto resume allotment with email integration
HR Activity Status
Employee Referal Resume Collection
Social Media API Integration
Career Page Integration
Employee Registration & On board Activities
Consultant Login with Job Management


Leave Management
Leave Approval Management on Email
Leave Control
Microsoft / Google Calendar Integration
Shift Management
Attendance RFID Device Integration
Raw Punch Management
Regularize Punches
Manual Attendance
Proxy Management
Gate-pass Management


Allowance Deduction Group
Employee Salary Structure
Allowance Application
Allowance Approval
Monthly Salary Calculation
Manual Salary Update
Salary Slip
Employer Contribution

Add-on Modules

Task Management
Tally Integration
Quick Employee Attendance


Let's discuss your Business Requirements, analyze your needs & provide Customized ERP solutions, which suit best to your business.

Let application Works for you rather
you work according to application.


Mobile Application

erp transport mobile application

Increased productivity, decrease business downtime, Access your TheERPHub - ERP on your mobile, no matter where you are.Utilize your time while travelling, waiting for meetings, sitting in a warehouse, factory or sales field, get ready with your Order Sales Data, outstanding payment information, Stock availability, keep track of production Employee Tracking.


  • Dynamic Multi Dashboard
  • Widgets & Charts
  • MIS Reports
  • Work Automation
  • Follow-Up Using Mobile App
  • To-do Lists
  • Print and Export Documents
  • Smart Lead Generation Via Email Reading
  • User Defined Vouchers
  • Approval Notification
  • Auto Email With Configuration
  • Dynamic Calender View with Sharing
  • Email / WhatsApp / SMS Integration
  • Comments & Bookmarks
  • Announcements
  • Resume collection via Email Reading


cloud based erp

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud ERP is Software as a Service (SaaS), Users can access the Enterprise Resource Planning application over the Internet.

mobile applications

Mobile Applications

Every Module is having individual Mobile Application.



Integrated solution with Modular Approach.

fast and affordable

Fast and Affordable

Easily access all the necessary feature to make business smooth at one centralized system for a low cost.

no maintenance

No Maintenance

No installation, no specific hardware required, run from any browser enable devices.

accessible anytime, anywhere

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

We can access ERP anytime on any kind of device.

customized solutions

Customized Solutions

Different business different requirements, To scale your business, we can tailor your need into TheERPHub Application.

auto backups

Auto Backups

Business data is too crucial, so automatic data backup is set for every 24 h. Data Redundancy is set for 3 storage drives.

online / offline support

Online / Offline Support

For successful implementation of ERP, we provide remote support, phone support and offline support.

secure and reliable

Secure and Reliable

Data security is on going concern, we used the worlds best cloud to host your data safely.

real time information

Real Time Information

You can access modified data immediately, So it makes your business well organized.

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