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" To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace."

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To preventing loss of employee time, the company need to track the employee working hours, login time, departures, breaks, and time off. Because it directly affects the productivity of any worker. And doing it manually is the toughest task for any organization. Ideally, the attendance systems and solutions can be applied in various organizations and corporate companies to lend a hand to the everyday challenges in company management plus to improve the business operations. Organizations use a lot of methods for example punching cards, spreadsheets to automated attendance management systems and bio-metric devices to manage employee attendance.

Attendance Management ERP Software Solutions

Do you know who is absent today? and who has taken which type of leave in your department in upcoming months?
Are you able to know, who are late today in your company, on your mobile?
Does your all employees know, how much and which type of leave reserves they have on their mobile phones?
Can your application do leave application and approval on mobile phone with notification?
Is your Manufacturing ERP having an Attendance module? it will track your employee’s monthly Activities like attendance, breaks, working hours, etc.

Attendance Management ERP Software Module

Attendance software is the upgraded, digital version of paper time sheets and punch cards. The data is generated by employees clocking or signing in and out. This can be used for workforce planning and scheduling, performance management, management of leaves, and payroll calculation.

Real-Time Data

This software gives managers up to date information necessary to manage schedules. It tracks clock in and clocks out patterns of employees. Having poor ethics to manage time and attendance suggests that an employee may be unable to pull their weight for the company.

Employee Self-Service

With most systems, employees can log in, check their hours worked, paid time and view schedules.

Increase Accuracy

With no chance of human error, attendance data will more accurately reflect the reality of the hours worked and payroll will be less prone to mistakes.


Calculating overtime can be a hassle, with different terms and conditions for different individuals and types of work done. This software simplifies everything.

Fitness and Welfare

Digital monitoring of hours ensure that employees are taking mandatory breaks and leaves

Improve Employee Productivity

By reducing human error and ensuring equal treatment when it comes to tracking hours, this system contributes to employee satisfaction.


Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of Attendance module.

Fully Customizable

We are very keen for customer satisfaction, thus we offer any of our client a customizable module. Means if you want any other feature or changes as per your workplace policy. Our team will do the case study plus do the changes accordingly for you.

Web-Based Attendance Monitoring System

With web-based employee attendance software that tracks, collects, stores, and displays up-to-date, time sheets, Management can get rid of spreadsheets and paper files. This will ensure data integrity, Reduce administrative work, and lower costs.

Remote Working

Allows organizations to monitor the working hours of an employee even when they work remotely. The collected data could be accessed by managers at anytime from anywhere. Online attendance management solutions are flexible, pocket-friendly, and free from a software upgrade.

Leave Requests

An time and attendance module should have a separate module to track leaves. Tracking employee absences is equally important as monitoring their presence and working hours. Request and approval processes become simple and easy in time and attendance software module.

Create a Policy

An employee attendance policy is a documented set of rules designed to improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and set clear and consistent expectations for employees. employee attendance is part of your company culture. No time and attendance policy can account for every unique scenario, it should be based in reality and create realistic expectations for your workers.


Online attendance software should integrate seamlessly with other management solutions like payroll, accounting, etc. An attendance tracking system should be capable of generating custom made reports with the available data. The available set of visual-rich reports should give employers an in-depth insight on employee time, shift patterns, time-off trends and everything that have an impact on the organization's performance and productivity.

Shift Creation

Effective shift planning helps to build a great employee experience and improve retention. The standard with which the time schedule is planned, and communicated impacts the employee satisfaction. Assigning employee shift, creating work schedules are also vital modules in attendance management.


You can buy it for one employee to 1000+. It's very cheap that any individual, small organization or big organization can afford it. You can buy a monthly subscription for a single person too.

erp amc mobile app erp amc software

Attendance Mobile App

We are also providing the mobile application so you and your employee can access it from the phone.
In which they will be able to check there all the leaves and can keep eye on their attendance.
Also can request the leaves for future accordingly. It will help them to stay aware about there performance.

Keep Things Simple

An attendance policy sounds straightforward such as not showing up to work is an absence, and everyone has to be present at work to keep the business running. For a Time and attendance module to be fair, it's mandatory that disciplinary actions aren't just based on individual expectations. Adhere to common employee attendance topics and define expectations for them in simple and plain-language so that everyone can understand, what good attendance, absences, unscheduled absences, Absenteeism, no-show's, and sick days mean. An attendance policy is meant to keep the organization running smoothly day-to-day because good attendance should feel like a team effort and a way to help everyone work better. At the end of the day, a fair employee attendance policy should be one you would be content to work under yourself. Treat others how you would want to be treated yourself. As you are putting together your new employee attendance policy, don't forget the most important factor: Empathy. If you yourself can't comply with Time and attendance monitoring system then it's not fair to expect your employees to follow them either.

Best Attendance Management ERP Software For Any Business

Introducing the Attendance Management module, the comprehensive solution for efficiently managing employee attendance and optimizing workforce productivity.

Our module offers seamless time and attendance tracking, allowing employees to clock in and out with ease. Whether they're in the office or working remotely, the system accurately captures their working hours and Attendance.

Attendance can be recorded either through raw punches from multiple biometric devices or via mobile with geolocation. Watch the video for more information. Get a free demo now.

Features of Attendance Management ERP Software
  • Fully Customizable
  • Web-Based Attendance Monitoring System
  • Remote Working
  • Leave Requests
  • Create a Policy
  • Reporting
  • Shift Creation
  • Affordable

" To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace. "

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