Order Management System

"If you have orders, you have the profit otherwise the business shuts"

erp order management system

One of the most demanding modules in any organization to create high performance environment is Order Management System(also known as OMS) module. Traders, Manufactures or service industries use this module to track the progress of each order in a very easy way. So, from ensuring/notifying the merchant regarding the order, to check the warehouse for availability, to check the performance of sales representative, all is done by Order Management System.

Order Management ERP Software Solutions

Have you ever compare your order books monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly on real-time bases?
Have you ever given Credit Limit or Credit Period customer wise, to avoid order acceptance?
Do you know your current overdue orders?

Order Management ERP Software Module

Like, there are three ways to create the order

Through Quotation

You can generate an order from quotation. All data including client detail, material detail, Terms will be auto populated based on Quotation.


In this method, you can directly visit the order page and create the order manually.


In this method, you can create order from the old orders itself so repeated orders can be made easily.

Hidden Gems

Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of Order Management module.

Field Representative

There is a field representative system that specifies, from which sales representative, the order has been confirmed. With this help Incentives could be provided to the sales representatives on their target achievement.

Sales Pricing

Material Prices in Order can be taken from Material Master or From Price policy or from last order.

Sales Invoice From Order

Sales Orders are pretty similar to sales invoice; it contains all the detail which sales invoice needed so you can make sales invoice from the order itself.

Due Date

Due date is date fixed with the client, up to which the order has to be cleared. In case if the order has not been cleared after the due date, automatically a notification is generated for overdue to the concerned person.

Annexure Entries

Extra annexure printing along with order like Technical detail, Terms & Condition can also be attached along with the order printing.

Order Cancellation

Fully and partial order cancellation is also present.

Reports in Graphical Formats

Pending Orders Material wise, Overdue Orders and other graphic reports present to analyze the Sales flow.


You can also comment on the discussion held over the order through the integrated commenting module. The discussion can be saved along with the time stamp for future reference.

Alters and Notification

A work automation system present where in one can create multiple rules from which Notification, Email or SMS can be fired automatically if matches the rule criteria. Notification, Email or SMS can be fired to Client, Employees or any third party using rule management system.


Field(Sales) Representative wise Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly Order values reports, Highest Ordering Material Value and Quantity wise, Lowest Ordering Material Value and Quantity wise, Top 5 Sales Person or Bottom 5 Sales Person etc is readily available on real time data. White board reports can also be generated which contains the list of highest and lowest orders made by a sales person with yearly comparison.

erp crm software erp crm mobileapp

Order Mobile App

This will help sales person to add the order entries from anywhere and it will automatically get updated in the main system.
Order Mobile App can show hierarchical and region wise data if you have configured it.
Also it shows the outstanding amount for collection.

Different modules Integration

In case you have documents related to the order, you can manage it using Document Management System (DMS). A separate module known as Order Job Management Module which is linked with the OMS, to help managing the long term orders i.e. for 1 year or 2 year etc. In which stage wise job management can be managed with time frame.

" If you have orders, you have the profit otherwise the business shuts. "

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