Inventory Management Module

" If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. "

erp inventory module

The organization can be big or small but the inventory management is always a very tricky and tough task. But now this trouble resolved by TheERPHub already. So, from this moment relax and only focus on your customer service as well as forget about your messy stock. That will be organized by our inventory module in most excellent and easiest manner. This Highly extensive and detailed Inventory Management System will be easily used by any type of organization to manage the quantities of inventories in the present stock, to avoid the chances of overstocking and shortage. Stop wasting time on stock management, your center of attention should be in business more. We are providing best warehouse inventory management software system for your business.

Inventory Management ERP Software Solutions

Does your software manage complex inventory with less entry?
Do you have site-wise, godown wise, attribute base inventory management system?
Does your software notify in a way you need for minimum/reorder level/maximum stock reminder?

Inventory Management ERP Software Module

Because every organization have their own method of managing the stock and inventories, so we created numerous mode to organize it. Thus it could fit all organizations management structure.

Batch Number/Expiry Date

It contains the name of the company from where we have received the inquiry.

Sub categorize

It can sub categorize by features of the product or by weight etc.

Sales and Stock Unit

You can have sales and stock unit different.

Unit Conversion

Unit conversion is also one of the key feature, in which you can sale the product in gm though your stock base unit is kg.


You can define Minimum, Re-order level and Maximum level for each material.


These were a small number of features but there are various other small fine points available which will make it fit for your association structure.


The inventory Management system can be integrated with many modules so you can use it as per the need of your company. For example, in the Sales module, the part of stock management is done through delivery challan and invoice, if it is purchase module, this will be done by GRN, QC and purchase invoice, or if it is production module, the stock management will be done by Material Issue, Material Return, Material Produced, Material Job Outward, Material Job Inward etc.


As per your company/organization requirement, the inventory could be maintained easily and configured accordingly before starting of ERP Voucher Entries.

erp amc mobile app erp amc software

Store Management Mobile App

One can prepare GRN(MRN)/SES from the mobile application directly using QR Code of Purchase order or manually.
Can see Stock Reminder Report (Re-order Level, Minimum Level, and Maximum Level), Pending GRN, Over Purchase Order, Pending SES etc.

Attribute-Based Inventory Management System

Here stocks of a particular product can be managed according to its attributes or specifications. Because a single product may have a number of attributes. For example, in manufacturing company, plates can be distinguished on the basis of various attributes such as length, width, thickness and MOC. Now Plate Thickness can be from 1 mm to 200 mm, Width can be 500 mm to 3000 mm, Length 500 mm to 15000 mm, MOC can be IS 2062 Gr.E250BR, IS 2062 Gr.E250B0, IS 2062 Gr.A, IS 2062 Gr.B, SA 516 Gr.60 etc. So if one attribute value changes, it's stock changes and we cannot create combination of Materials in ERP otherwise plates can have more than 15000 material codes which is not right but at the same time we need stock differently as per attribute. TheERPHub Attribute Management System removes this complexity and you need to just create 4 attributes and its values using dynamic entry. Assign this list of parameters to Material Group and you are set to go.


Inventory management is the soul of any business, and mismanagement in this part always creates big loss. So no companies suffer this kind of loss and can achieve their targets/goal & can run smoothly. This system can be employed in the production, trading and service industry. Therefore the inventory management system is one of the most important systems which can be integrated within any field of business to improved productivity and more efficient results. Here is few more key benefit mentioned to give you idea about this module.

Widgets and Reports

This tool moves the approval process forward by powerful approval routing. Configure Multiple or Single Approvals as per need for Purchase Order, GRN or Purchase Invoices and once approved by all approver system will move forward.

Anytime Anywhere Access

For making the system easy to use, a mobile application for the module is also available, which provides you an anytime and anywhere access. With the mobile application, even the stocks could be managed using QR codes. It also helps in tracking orders, sales, purchases, and deliveries.

Graphical Representation

Different kind of reports with Graphical representation is also present.

Extra Info

We created an extra feature for the large substantial products:- For this type products usually stocks are not maintained but its information is provided to the customer. For example, If you have a generator, all the details such as - its model no.,KVA, RPM, Manufacturing Date etc. would be there in delivery challan and in sales invoice but there would be no stock effected based on this information. Thus we added an option called "Extra info", where you can allow extra information of the material along with the product, without doing any extra effort which can be pre-defined or writable.

" If you count all your assets, you always show a profit. "

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