Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

  • Simple and easy Chemical Manufacturing ERP for complex production processes.
  • Customize the ERP for the different needs of the chemical manufacturing industry.
  • Use ERP for a seamless production cycle.

Best Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software For Small To Large Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Are you looking for the best ERP software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry in India? TheERPHub offers the best cloud-based customized ERP software for Chemical Manufacturing Industry at an affordable range.

Also, If you work in the chemical industry, you understand how tough it can be to keep track of all your procedures. That is why Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software is required. This programme was created with the demands of the textile industry in mind, and it will make managing your chemical manufacturing easier and more efficient.

Additionally, the TheERPHub Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software is designed with extensive features and functionalities, including comprehensive security features. These security features include Database Security, File Storage Security, Accessing Resources, User Rights, Access logs, and IP Restrictions.

TheERPHub Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software Modules

Software for Chemical Manufacturing ERP in the field of chemical manufacturing consists of a variety of processes and operations that are important for business and production. These processes and activities range from the acquisition of raw materials through the delivery of the finished product. You need to get the schedules of your employees, the free space at their workstations, the availability of raw supplies, and a lot of other things to line up properly.

ERP software designed specifically for the chemical manufacturing industry will play a significant part in the management and control of all processes involved in chemical production, as well as in the simplification of those procedures.

TheERPHub ERP software is the best ERP software for the chemical manufacturing business in India. It features integrated modules for a variety of departments, which makes the production process simpler overall. The Production mobile application from TheErpHUB is a valuable tool for accessing ERP data from the factory or workshop, even when a computer is not present in such locations.

Benefits Of Erp System In Chemical Manufacturing Industry

TheERPHub Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software automates business operations across departments, optimises production planning and scheduling, improves inventory management and traceability, increases costing accuracy and performance, and facilitates interaction with other business systems.

Furthermore, TheERPHub Chemical Manufacturing ERP software allows you to track a wide range of processes, from raw materials to final goods. It assists you in inventory management, order management, production cycle planning, and other tasks. The programme also assists you in managing your supply chain, ensuring that all of the materials you require are purchased and delivered on time.

This Chemical Manufacturing ERP software also assists you in managing your money. It enables you to keep track of your accounts receivable, payable, and other financial information. It may also be used to generate reports and analyse data to assist you in making better decisions for your Chemical textile business.

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP system) module simplifies Chemical manufacturing operations by allowing for effective scheduling, production planning, and stock control. It improves business efficiency by optimising inventory levels, reducing delivery times, and increasing service levels.

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Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software Systems Main Modules


Lead Company
Follow Ups
Activity Management
Deal Document Management
Monthly Deal Report
Auto Deal Creation through Email Integration
Deal MIS Reports

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Entry
Create Order from Quotation
Sales Order Approval
Order Delivery Schedule
Lock Inventory based on Orders
Order BOM
Order Annexures
Work order Printing
Partial / Full Order Cancellation
Purchase Order Against Order
Order Status Report
Sales Representative Wise Orders
Whiteboard Order Data

Delivery & Distribution

Godown Management
Truck Hire with Transport Detail
Rent Memo
Supervisor Memo
Delivery Challan Entry
Create Delivery Challan from Order
Delivery Status
Gate Pass Management
Eway Bill Integration with Delivery Challan


Sales Invoice
Proforma Invoice
Export Invoice
Bill Of Supply
Create Invoice from Delivery Challan
Sales Return
E-Invoicing & E-Way Bill Integration
Sales Register
Sales Purchase Profit
Sales Invoice Report
Geographical Sales

Procurement Management

Purchase Requisition
Vendor Registration
Purchase Order
Purchase Order Service
Purchase Order Import
Purchase Order Approval
PO Status Update
PO Delivery Schedule
Partial / Full Purchase Order Cancellation
Purchase Order Analysis

Inventory & Quality Control

Attribute Based Stock Management
Batch - Expiry wise Stock Management
Godown / Site wise stock Management
Material Extra Info
Goods Receive Note (GRN/MRN)
Service Entry Sheet (SES)
QC Management
Stock Adjustment
Physical Stock Verification
Godown to godown Transfer
Godown wise order level Report


Purchase Invoice (RD)
Purchase Invoice (URD/ Composition)
Purchase Invoice (RCM)
Purchase Invoice (Exempted)
Bill Of Entry
Purchase Return
Purchase Material Analysis


Credit Note
Debit Note
Cost Head Management
Trial Balance
Profit & Loss
Balance Sheet
Aging Reports
Financial Group Report
Financial Sub Group Report
Ledger Report
Bills Receivable / Payable

Production Planning

Batch Planning
Material Estimation Based On BOM
Material Issue
Material Produce
Material Return Voucher
Material Job Outward
Material Job Inward
Quick Batch Process
Pending QC (Material Produce)
Pending QC (job inward)
QC (material produce)
QC (job inward)
Process Wise Wages Report
Production Calculation Report
Employee Wages

Annual Maintenance Contract

Market Population
AMC Contract
Service Request Management
Engineer Service Request Allotment
Visit Log
AMC Renewal Notification
PM Visits
AMC Payment Reminders

Document Management (DMS)

Public / Private / Self DMS Category Creation
Multiple Document Upload
Integrated with All modules
DMS with File No
Client Documents
Supplier Documents
Employee Documents
Order and Drawing documents
Organization Documents

Notification & Communication

In-app Notification System
Email Management
Whatsapp Messaging
SMS System
Reminder System
To do list
Announcement System
Work Automation System
Auto Emailer

HR & Recruitment

Job Requisition
JRF Approval
Jobpost Management
Resume Collection
Interview Round Management
Question Management System
Auto resume allotment with email integration
HR Activity Status
Employee Referal Resume Collection
Social Media API Integration
Career Page Integration
Employee Registration & On board Activities
Consultant Login with Job Management


Leave Management
Leave Approval Management on Email
Leave Control
Microsoft / Google Calendar Integration
Shift Management
Attendance RFID Device Integration
Raw Punch Management
Regularize Punches
Manual Attendance
Proxy Management
Gate-pass Management


Allowance Deduction Group
Employee Salary Structure
Allowance Application
Allowance Approval
Monthly Salary Calculation
Manual Salary Update
Salary Slip
Employer Contribution

Add-on Modules

Task Management
Tally Integration
Employee / Client Target Management System
Marketing Expense Management
Quick Employee Attendance
Labour Attendance & Salary
Site Management
Discount Management
EPC Job Management
Seeds Management

Customization ERP Software

Let application Works for you rather
you work according to application.

Let's discuss your Business Requirements, analyze your needs & provide Customized ERP solutions, which suit best to your business.

TheERPHub is conscious that there is an immense dissimilarity among every business setup, and it occurs due to the variation in the working style management of each company. Thus, in the ERP world mostly the software becomes incompatible to fit every business model and fails to serve its purpose. So, we came up with a solution to this problem. That is if your business model does not fit into this software then we will system study and gather your requirements and give teller-made solutions on top of TheERPHub for you. This means we will customize the ERP software as per necessitate of your business replica.

Customization ERP Software

Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software Mobile Application

manufacturing erp mobile application

Increased productivity, decrease business downtime, Access your TheERPHub - ERP on your mobile, no matter where you are.Utilize your time while travelling, waiting for meetings, sitting in a warehouse, factory or sales field, get ready with your Order Sales Data, outstanding payment information, Stock availability, keep track of production Employee Tracking.

Our Best Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software`s Advanced Features

  • Dynamic Multi Dashboard
  • Widgets & Charts
  • MIS Reports
  • Work Automation
  • Follow-Up Using Mobile App
  • To-do Lists
  • Print and Export Documents
  • Smart Lead Generation Via Email Reading
  • User Defined Vouchers
  • Approval Notification
  • Auto Email With Configuration
  • Dynamic Calender View with Sharing
  • Email / WhatsApp / SMS Integration
  • Comments & Bookmarks
  • Announcements
  • Resume collection via Email Reading

Advantages of the Best Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software in India

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP system) module allows efficient scheduling, production planning and stock control to simplify manufacturing processes. It optimizes inventory levels, minimizes delivery times and maximizes service levels to increase business efficiency. It provides cloud-based Chemical Manufacturing ERP software and on-premises ERP software for small manufacturing businesses as well.

Morden, Integrated, Cloud-based Chemical Manufacturing ERP has many Operational & Financial benefits. Data at first glass gives your business tremendous growth and business insight.

  • Centralized Operation & Financial information gives enhanced visibility, transparency and ease of work.
  • Eliminates multiple systems and software.
  • All services are under one roof.
  • Realtime information anywhere anytime.
  • Stabilize and improve supply chain, warehouse, transportation, finance and inventory management 
  • Removes redundancy and automates the business processes


ERP software for the manufacturing industry can help to automate certain processes. This can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete production tasks, as well as reduce the amount of manual labor required.


ERP software for the manufacturing industry can also provide flexibility. The software can be customized to meet the specific needs of each company, allowing companies to tailor the software to their specific production processes.


ERP software for the manufacturing industry can also provide scalability.This can help to ensure that the software is able to keep up with the changing needs of the business and provide the necessary support and assistance.

Increased Accuracy

Manufacturing ERP software also helps to increase accuracy in production. The software can be used to track the various processes involved in production, such as the number of parts used, the amount of time spent on each task, and the quality of the finished product. This can help to ensure that the goods produced are of the highest quality and that any issues can be quickly identified and addressed.

Improved Efficiency

Manufacturing ERP software helps to improve the efficiency of production processes. It can help to streamline the various processes involved in production, such as inventory management and order tracking. This can help to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete production tasks, ultimately allowing companies to produce more goods in less time.

Streamlined Processes

ERP software can also help to streamline processes. Based on Setup time, cycle time, Fix cost and variable cost It calculates machine cost and machine production time, Which can help to predict production timeline and upcoming order delivery time. It helps to keep track of process inventories and time consume by Machines and Labours.

Real Time Information

ERP is designed with comprehensive features such as quick Real Time report.You can access modified data immediately, So it makes your business well organized.

Cloud Based ERP

Cloud ERP is Software as a Service (SaaS), Users can access the Enterprise Resource Planning application over the Internet.

Fast and Affordable

Easily access all the necessary feature to make business smooth at one centralized system for a low cost.

Customized Solutions

Different business different requirements, To scale your business, we can tailor your need into TheERPHub Application.

Auto Backups

Business data is too crucial, so automatic data backup is set for every 24 h. Data Redundancy is set for 3 storage drives.

Online / Offline Support

For successful implementation of ERP, we provide remote support, phone support and offline support.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

We can access ERP anytime on any kind of device.

Mobile Applications

Every Module is having individual Mobile Application.

No Maintenance

No installation, no specific hardware required, run from any browser enable devices.

Advance Security Features

It is designed in a manner to sustain the information extremely protected. We have an entire team working on maintaining the security system at its best throughout. Since all the business data like financial reports, other business documents, and accounts are all stored in the cloud ERP software. Every client registered with us is having a separate database for their data storage.Application, File Storage and Database run in a different environment so it will give you more secure, high performance while accessing the application.

Secure and Reliable

Key security features which prevent unauthorized access to the web and mobile applications are User Rights, IP Restrictions, Accessing Resources, User Rights, Access Logs,and hourly-based record editing options. we used the worlds best cloud to host your data safely.

Benefits of On-Premise Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

  • On-premise Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software offers organizations a number of benefits, including improved efficiency, cost savings, scalability,and more.
  • ERP helps organizations streamline their operations, allowing them to manage their resources more effectively and reduce costs.
  • It also provides better visibility into operations, allowing businesses to make better decisions based on real-time information.
  • Additionally, on-premise Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software is more secure than cloud-based systems, as data is stored and managed on the organization's own servers. This helps organizations protect their data and ensure that only authorized personnel have access to it.

Benefits of SaaS Based Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software

  • One of the main advantages of SaaS based Chemical Manufacturing ERP software is that it is much more cost-effective than traditional on-premise ERP solutions. SaaS based Chemical Manufacturing ERP software does not require the purchase of any hardware or software, and it is easy to set up and use.
  • Additionally, the cost of maintenance and upgrades is much lower than that of on-premise ERP solutions. Furthermore, SaaS based Manufacturing ERP software is more reliable than traditional solutions, as it is hosted on the cloud and is continuously monitored by the provider.
  • It can provide a wide array of benefits to businesses. First, the software can help businesses to reduce costs, save time and money.Additionally, the software can provide businesses with real-time data, allowing them to make informed decisions quickly. This can help businesses stay ahead of their competition.

Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software FAQs

Chemical Manufacturing ERP software is a type of software used to manage operations by organisations in the chemical manufacturing industry. It is intended to assist businesses in streamlining numerous production processes such as inventory management, order management, scheduling, and more.

The software can also be used to track the costs of manufacturing, as well as the costs of shipping and distribution. Also known as Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is a programme or application that can plan, manage, and offer integrated yet department-specific features that support industrial business processes. Chemical Manufacturing ERP is a backbone that increases organisational efficiency, improves quality and performance, lowers unnecessary repetitive operations, and provides centralised and uniform data that boosts manufacturing growth and profitability in today's world.

To determine where we get the most value out of investment for your business we need a modern ERP system.

  • Gain access to operational & financial information anytime anywhere. 
  • Extensive supply chain management with inventory visibility with godown & transport management.
  • To improve customer satisfaction with one click of supply and demand details.
  • Work seamlessly across multiple locations.
  • To grow business, budget management, detailed forecast, real-time sales and other data, material requisition planning.
  • How company resources are utilised.

Day-to-day technology evolves with better services, security, flexibility and reliability. One must use a cloud-based approach to production and all other departments to guarantee  

  • Seamless department integration.
  • Realtime work for multi-location
  • Access information anytime anywhere with any type of device.
  • Lower infrastructure running cost
  • Cloud ERP adjusts companies' requirements quickly as a company grows
  • Take action quickly and tasks can be done in minutes.
  • Data hosted on words best cloud AWS.
  • Each department is seamlessly connected under one roof.
  • User-friendly, device-friendly & Role-based access.
  • Cloud can be converted to on-premises or on-premises can be converted to cloud-based.
  • Customized modules as per requirements or develop new modules and integrate them.
  • The pay-as-you-use model means you can opt for a few modules, and later add on more modules and users as per the requirement to save the cost.
  • Best support via Ticket System, Phone Support, Remote & Offline.

TheERPHub is SAAS Based ERP Software product by SterSoft Solutions PVT. LTD Company. (Formally known as Sterling Softwares) which majorly operates on principles that involve the creation and development of web/mobile applications for a wide range of industries. The company works on all the emerging technologies, to provide its customers with attractive and highly up-to-date software or web applications for the last 22 years. TheERPHub has a team of quality experts, whose main motive is to provide customers with the latest application-software technology at affordable rates. The company has designed a unique ERP software solution that caters to a wide variety of industries bit manufacturers, Traders, Service providers and transporters.

SaaS based Chemical Manufacturing ERP software is a type of cloud-based rental-base software that allows businesses to manage their operations more efficiently. This type of software is accessed through the internet, and it provides businesses with a comprehensive and centralized platform to manage their operations. The software includes features such as customer relationship management (CRM), Finance & accounting, inventory management, MRP, production management, and more. SaaS based Chemical Manufacturing ERP software is designed to help businesses streamline their processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

On-premise Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software is an enterprise resource planning system that is installed and operated on the organization's own servers and infrastructure. It is a comprehensive business management system that helps organizations better manage their operations, streamline processes, and improve performance. On-premise Chemical Manufacturing ERP Software can include modules such as customer relationship management (CRM), accounting and finance, human resources, supply chain management, MRP, Production and more. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems and processes, making it easier for businesses to keep track of their resources and operations.

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP system) module simplifies manufacturing processes by allowing for effective scheduling, production planning, and stock control. It improves business efficiency by optimising inventory levels, reducing delivery times, and increasing service levels. It offers cloud-based manufacturing ERP software as well as on-premises ERP software to small manufacturing enterprises.

1. Increased Productivity
Manufacturing ERP software aids in increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes. It can aid in the streamlining of numerous manufacturing processes such as inventory management and order monitoring. This can help to shorten the time it takes to perform manufacturing processes, allowing businesses to manufacture more things in less time.

2. Improved Accuracy
Manufacturing ERP software also aids in increasing manufacturing accuracy. The software can be used to track the numerous production processes, such as the number of parts used, the amount of time spent on each activity, and the end product's quality. This can help to ensure that the goods produced are of the greatest quality and that any problems are discovered and rectified as soon as possible.

3. Process Improvements
ERP software can also aid in the streamlining of procedures. Certain activities, such as inventory management and order tracking, can be automated using the programme. This can help to shorten the time it takes to perform production jobs and ensure that all tasks are completed correctly and on schedule.

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