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Every service established industry provides service to its customer to retain their customer. The service industry is a rough and tumble place, where only businesses with an aim to completely satisfy their customers survive and they do this with the help of AMC.

AMC Management ERP Software Solutions

Does your software provide reminders for AMC Renewal and AMC preventive calls?
Can your engineer update call logs from the mobile application?
Sitting at any place, are you able to see who is attending which calls and which calls are overdue?
Is your Distribution ERP having an AMC module? This is useful for managing your Annual maintenance Contract.

AMC Management ERP Software Module

AMC stands for Annual maintenance contract where the company charges some fixed amount from its customer for a specific product(tangible or intangible) for a fixed period of time and fixed services. AMC management software helps the organizations to manage the Annual Maintenance Contracts, Complaint Service Calls efficiently. AMC is done in 2 ways namely

Seller Of The Product Is Same

When the seller of the product and the AMC provider of the product is the same.

Seller Of The Product Is Different

When the seller of the product is different and you only provide AMC for the product.

Therefore our module works on both the criteria. It also holds the payment schedule in it because sometimes the contract is done in advance or sometimes payment is done on quarterly, monthly or half-yearly basis, so you can schedule the payment that when the payment will be received.


Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of AMC module

Cost Effective

It helps in reducing the cost of the organization and at the same time they do not need to have additional employees in their organization for maintenance work.

Service Request

Whenever the organization gets the Service Calls, you can schedule the service request and if it's an AMC request the software will show if you want to schedule a PMS or regular service. Then it is required to enter the product details for which the service complaint is registered, after populating all the concerned fields then a service request number is generated and it gets pending in the software till it is attended to.

AMC Schedule

When you create AMC periodic service will be automatically created in the software. With the help of AMC management software, the organization will be able to see how many services have been scheduled and for which customer. This software will remind whenever the service date is near. So you can make sure that service is provided to the customer on time.

PMS Visit

AMC management software sort the details of all PMS(Preventive Maintenance Schedule) and display the notifications for instant action by service engineers. Some free PMS visits are also provided by the organizations for regular maintenance of the product purchased by the customer.

Visit Log

After the Service visit, the employee who visited the customer for the maintenance jots down the entry in the visit log mentioning the problem in the product, the resolution provided, work done, customer remark. The service request gets closed after mentioning the resolution date and time only. There is also a mobile app developed to enter the visit log by the employee to enter the visit details then and there. The service engineer app even lets the engineer access today's services call, overdue calls and can see service detail and fill up the visit log data.

AMC Reminders

AMC reminder will let you know when the AMC is going to end, so you can ask the customer to renew the AMC.

Product Details

AMC management software provides the ease to support team to make a track of all required details regarding the product on one single platform. Since keeping a track of details of Product Principal’s name and Product serial number for every customer is a very confusing and tedious process.


To improve the support service, the modules enables multiple checklists for all PMS visits with pre-defined activities. These checklists ensure delivering quality service during each visit.

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AMC Mobile App

AMC Renewal Reminder, AMC Contract Management.
Get notified for Service Request Scheduled.
Create Service Request, Schedule Service Request, Create Visits.

Used in Any Kind of Industry

The AMC management software can be used in any kind of industry where they provide product service for a certain period. Let's take an example of a generator business, the service provider will usually provide a set of free services after installation for a particular period. After the period the service provider should have a track of how many services they have provided and how many are pending etc. If they are not able to manage this then it might irate the customer and at the same time, they can't increase the business from an existing customer. So wherever there is an AMC agreement concept with a customer or any service based industry one can use this software to manage the services in a systematic way.

Best In Market

TheERPHub AMC Management Module is better than the rest in the market.

Easy Customer Details Management

This module keeps the service information readily available for better customer assistance after the installation.

Maintain History

With each service visit, this AMC management software manages automatic feedback in the software. This history is useful for the management team for tracking the continuous improvement areas or regular snags experienced by the customer.

Automatic Reminder

This Automatic reminder feature will work as a warranty manager reminding the organization for pending AMC renewal or PMS visit till the status is changed in the module. This feature enables the support team to deliver the service efficiently.

Complaint Resolution Schedule

This AMC module will help you form a resolution scheduled for the complaints registered with the organization to ensure timely action on it.

" The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. "

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