Trolly Management Application

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Scan QR Code to Update Batch Stage, Show Active Batches, Create New Trolly Batch Options.


It will scan QR Code from the Trolly, Recognize it, check for the right stage to update if not then give message else it will update the current date & time and forward the stage ahead.


Show list of active batches with the current stage. You can update the stage by click update button or you can discard the batch. One can Edit and Delete the batch as well.


Create a new batch for the trolly, if active batch present it will not allow to create batch.

Trolly Module

One of the most demanding modules in any organization to create high performance environment is Order Management System (also known as OMS) module. Traders, Manufactures or service industries use this module to track the progress of each order in a very easy way. So, from ensuring / notifying the merchant regarding the order, to check the warehouse for availability, to check the performance of sales representative, all is done by Order Management System.

Mobile Application Rights Management



All Mobile Applications will work as per rights are given on web application. To get the effect of modified rights, one need to logout and login again to the mobile application.

Notifications: You will receive all kindly of notifications installing any TheERPHub Mobile Application but you can see notification detail based on the app you have installed.



Mobile Application will show data in some modules as per SHOW DATA fields in Employee Master, means if you have selected.

All: Show all Data
Hierarchical: Shows own and downward line employees data
Own: Only data entered by me

Customized Mobile Applications

We made mobile apps apart from these. Create customized mobile apps according to your requirements. Let's discuss your business requirements we are here to create mobile app as per your needs.

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