Task Management

" Finish the most important tasks and stop wasting time on irrelevant activities. "

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This is an Activity planner module that helps effectively organize and manage everyday tasks by using functions such as task creation, planning and assignment, tracking, reporting etc. Now you do not have to worry about keeping eye on the performance of your each employee and assigning the best possible task to them. Because this module will keep informing you for all these activities to you.Like: how much work is done by each employee and what sort work they are doing, all the pending tasks and how much time and man power is being consumed for fulfilling one customer's task and a lot more. Even an individual or team leader can track or assign a task or a project and can take decisions based on the progress of the project. So, it's time to make your team more productive. And the best part is with this module there is some other enthusiastic modules (DMS Module, Comment module) are integrated which going to make it complete solution for work management in your organization.

Project Task Management ERP Software Solutions

Do you know, who is doing which task for which client or project in your company?
Are you able to trace the time taken by the employee every day?
Do you have a list of pending works what to do next and who is going to do it in a specified time period?

Project Task Management ERP Software Module

We keep keen eye on every small details can used by any organization, to run their office work management smoothly. In short, from putting the detail of a project in this module to assigning each employee their activities on it (can be by manager or by employee to employee), till finishing the task. Every small activity can assigned here and have the record of it for future use. Tasks are divided into multiple categories such as, meeting, deadline, email, call, business oriented tasks etc. To reduce the complexity of and make it user friendly. This will create the fully transparent and easy working environment to each of the employee and the owner itself.

For creating a task there are few basic steps to follow in this module.


You can select the task on priority vies (low, medium, high or urgent).


You can put the subject, description or required details of the particular task. Plus you can put the detail of client on it too.

Task Distribution

To whom you are going to assign the task. Other Supportive employees associated in the task etc.

Allotted Time

You can fix time for each task so employee can work on time basis and also system will notify for overtime tasks.

Task Status

Below are the list of task status in which task can fall into.

Pending Task

Whenever a task is assigned to someone, till he/she has not checked out that, it comes under pending task.

Check Out

After the employee reads it, he has to click an option "check out" to work on it. This will also help to get the information that how many persons are working currently on which task.

Check In

If the employee goes on a break or the working day end, he has to "check in" and mention that it is a break plus can add the progress report(means how much work is completed till that time). He will mark it as "Status in process"& the Task will move to "In Process".

Task Completed

Once, Actual Task mark completed by employee, it get removed from pending or in process, will move to completed section automatically.

On Hold

Also, you can keep the task on hold, if you do not get confirmation to proceed further.

Task Cancellation

Task cancellation option is also there, in case it is not necessary to do it.


If the task is not completed within the allotted time limit, it will move to "Overdue".

erp task software erp task software

Task Management Mobile App

Shows Task to me, Task by me with advance search options.
Seniors can monitor the tasks and add comments on it.

Task Dashboard

It is mainly an activity monitoring system which will help, to be focused to the work. It have three section. The authorized persons could easily keep a track of it through Monitoring system.

Task By Me 

Task To Me

Task Monitoring


Hence by digitalizing and streamlining business operations, task management tools help the organization to do with fewer resources. Improved communication, more efficient collaboration, stronger security, and enhanced accessibility are some advantages that can make all the difference against your competitors. Task management software helps and keeps the business operations running tirelessly.

Exclusive Reminder

It have exclusive reminder option to keep you updated for pending task.

Comment Module

Comment module allows commenting on particular task by supportive employees of the task or assigned to / by employee of the task.

One Touch Away Moderation

Technology is improving very fast, the one who adapt it, moves faster than other. With this concern we have created great mobile application for same module. You can operate and keep eye on the entire task and their current status, etc from anytime anywhere. Also you can create and assign task from mobile app.

Popup Notification

Like other best social apps it will generate popup notification to update for any current activity to concerned person. For example- if someone checkout / Check in/ Completed the task it will generate notification to task created employee to keep track and do the work on time.

Transfer Option

A transfer option is there, by which you can transfer the task to the other employee, if the previous employee is unable to complete it, due to any reasons.

Task Management Report

Here you can have the detailed report of the task such as, assign to, time limit, due date, subject of task, total time taken for completion etc. This will help to check the creativity, time consumption and strength of the employee through the report. Plus this report will help you to understand and to create the best rate, for particular project according the time consumption.

" Finish the most important tasks and stop wasting time on irrelevant activities."

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