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" You can have data without information, but cannot have information without data "

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Every organization has a number of documents, including the documents of all the employees working in it, the purchase invoices, indents and many others which they have to keep for future reference. It is very difficult to manage all those documents in files for a longer period of time, because it is a time-taking as well as an exhausting activity. With such a huge compilation of information, the documents may get misplaced or, it can't be found immediately when needed. The manual data storage results in lack of transparency regarding processes and contents. Therefore, a Document Management System - DMS is required. It is a computer program that is used to manage and store documents separately or you can integrate it with the previously present modules.

DMS Management ERP Software Solutions

Are you able to see scan or pdf copy of your purchase invoices anywhere virtually?
Does your DMS application make the document public or private?
Does your application provide 9/11 durability of your documents?

DMS Management ERP Software Module

You can upload any type of document whether related to the employees, clients, sales, purchases and others related to the organization. You have specify that to whom the document belongs to, the title of document, file number in which it has to be stored and category under which it falls. Also, you can write description about the document and you can specify some keywords, through which it could be searched in DMS. The data can be retrieved from the same location, where it is uploaded or you can access it from DMS module. Drag and drop option is available to upload multiple documents at once. You can also update, modify, delete and download the document.

Select Different Categories

You can select different categories to add. In DMS module you can create multiple hierarchical categories.

Category can be Public or Private

In private you have to give an access to the authorized users only. In public the access is provided to all the users.

Integrated System

It is an integrated system which automatically links several records to the categories present in the DMS. So, the data can be retrieved remotely through DMS.

Use of DMS

Access your files anytime, anywhere securely with structure data.

Cost Reduction

In this time of ever growing competition, organizations are looking for possibilities for cost reduction by paper filing and no more manual labour for this tedious task.

Faster Access to Information

Since the data will be available at the click of the button, hence it would not take a lot of time to extract the data, therefore ease of availability will increase.

Improved Transparency of Procedures

Due to huge paper files and data stored, it's impossible to refer to any process and procedure on time.

Less Space Requirement

Since there are no paper files used, therefore no physical space is required for hundreds of files.

Supports Bulk-Uploading

Instead of the time-consuming process of uploading all the documents one after another, with the help of DMS software, documents can be uploaded in bulk simultaneously within a few minutes.

erp amc mobile app erp document management system

DMS Mobile App

Upload multiple documents with structured data.
Download and access documents as per rights.
Categories document upload as per need.


Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of DMS module.

Centralized File Repository System

Web-based document management systems create a centralized file repository where documents can be safely stored, managed, and accessed by team members. It maintains a consolidated database of all vital files at one central unified place.

Integrated Solution

If you have other software also, this DMS module gets integrated with the other software and can be accessed by the employee from anywhere. The various module in the software gives an option of proof where you can upload the image of the document through the scanner or the mobile app.

Access Authority

Security is one of the most pivotal features of a document management system module. The ideal software will provide a high level of documents encryption, advanced access rights, and role-based access, that who can access the data etc.


Document getting uploaded seeks all the information regarding it like what type of document is being uploaded, or document name, or category it will fall into so it can stored under the correct module in DMS. You can upload multi document in a click in this DMS.

High Trace-ability

The DMS module has higher trace-ability due to centralization and integration of the data with other modules.

More Flexibility

Information is available anywhere, anytime around the clock. DMS is integrated with almost all the modules. You can use Mobile Application for the module and upload data connected to particular record in DMS module.


The main advantage of this DMS Module is that in the storage cloud, It provides 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability of objects. It can store files up to 5 terabytes in size. Your choice of document management solutions will depend upon the kind of organization you're in and the kind of operations/work that it is engaged in. Other factors affecting your decision would be your budget and your security requirements. We provide a robust document management system that can meet the needs of organizations of any size. It is essential to choose a web-based document management system that has a simplistic and navigable user interface as this will make sure that all team members adapt to the new platform quickly.

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With our DMS, you can organize your documents effortlessly. Categorize your files by departments, projects, or any custom category, providing you with a clear and intuitive structure for easy retrieval.

Features Of Document Management System Module:
  • Centralized File Repository System
  • Integrated Solution
  • Access Authority
  • Uploading
  • High Trace-ability
  • More Flexibility
  • Attach Essential Documents
  • Hierarchical Category System

" You can have data without information, but cannot have information without data. "

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