Target Management System

" Be sure you positively identify your target before you pull the trigger. "

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In every industry sales is the key focus area, to generate good amount of sales every company prepare targets to achieve for their employees or clients(dealers). It helps to identify things that can be accomplished with simple moves in the business. Target management is a new combination of technology with human capabilities. So, Target Management is nothing but a set of sales and marketing goals.

Target Management ERP Software Solutions

Does your company set the marketing target product quantity wise or amount wise Monthly / Quarterly / Half / Yearly?
Does your company set marketing goals for Employee or dealers?
Does your software provide different type of reports for the target set for employees or clients(dealers)?

Target Management ERP Software Module

It's not only about setting targets and goals. It's about involving people in the process. So, if you want the employees to be more motivated the organization must involve them in the aspects of performance measures like purpose, calculation formula, frequency of measurement, data sources, and responsibilities. By simply checking weekly or monthly progress relative to, for example, the same period the year before, organizations can understand where they are without doing frustrating, non-value-adding exercises.


Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of Target module.


Target is of two types for employees and for clients (dealers).

Product Based & Value Based

Target can be defined in two ways product based target and value based target.


Total turnover target is can be described in every financial year.


Target can be monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.


Every year a report is released that contains all the details, which Field Representative(Sales Representative) or Client(Dealer) achieved good target, who was the best performer, who was the worst. These reports are generated through target management system module.

Target Achievement

With the help of these reports you can give incentives based on the individual performances. You can define the incentives based on the target achievement monthly, quarterly or annually.


This module is integrated with orders(for Employees) and sales invoice(for Client - Dealers). So, targets are automatically fetched from the orders.

Graphical Representation

Graphical reports are also available in this module.

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Our Employee Dealer & Target Management software provides real-time updates on your team's progress, making it easier for you to identify areas that need improvement and take corrective action.

You can also generate reports that provide insights into your team's performance, helping you make data-driven decisions that can drive growth for your business.

ERP`s Features
  • Product Based & Value Based
  • Turnover
  • Availability
  • Reports
  • Target Achievement
  • Integration
  • Graphical Representation

" Be sure you positively identify your target before you pull the trigger. "

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