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" Making a Customer is better than making a sale. "

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Sales module of TheERPHub consent to a corporation toward systematizes plus track the sales procedure in a professional manner, because of various configuration alternative, also sales channels are covered. Proforma invoice, Rent memo, Delivery Challan, Sales invoice are just a few of the services mentioned here.

Sales and Distribution Management ERP Software Solutions

Have you ever given Credit Limit or Credit Period customer wise before making sales?
Have you ever compare your sales monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly on real-time bases?
Does your software give price policy management customer wise?

Sales and Distribution Management ERP Software Module

A sales invoice acts as a means of proof for the amount owed by you in return for goods sold. Important information such as items purchased, the total amount due, discounts received are included so that no misunderstanding arises in the future. Our Sales Module present comprehensive insight in the major trading progression of sales and distribution, such as Truck Hire, Rent Memo, Loading Slip, Part loading, Delivery Challan, Gate Pass, Sales Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Sales Reports, DMS etc.


A sales invoice of IGST, CGST and SGST is prepared depending on the client's location. Then a due date of payment is attached to the sales invoice. With this due date, the finance department will be able to follow up.

Delivery and Sales Invoice

Our sales module has a delivery challan system and sales invoice system both, one can choose to opt for delivery and sales invoice or only sales invoice.

Deduction and Adjustment

Advance deduction and adjustment features are also available in the sales invoices. TDS deduction system is also present in sales invoice if applicable.


From Order Entry once can make delivery challan or Sales Invoice directly without making any further efforts.

Credit Period Reminder

Credit Period reminder will be generated if configured in configuration of sales invoice.

Bill and Product History

Once can see Bill History, Product History sold to particular customer, outstanding amount on the screen itself.

Hidden Gems

Other features of the modules which complete the work cycle of sales module.

Part Load

With a part load system, your load of variable sizes can be shipped to various locations by transporter. These partial shipments are consolidated and transported to the transshipment point or logistics center from which they are delivered to a designated warehouse. All this is done ensuring safety of your load.

Full Load

The full load system can be used when you have full load of material which can be loaded on truck. Full Load includes truck hire system.

Loading Slip

A loading slip containing details of the load that is sent for delivery such as the quantity. Loading slips can be generated for the dealers who are held responsible for the delivery.

Rent Memo

A rent memo containing details of the means of transport by which your load is going to be delivered as well as the payment that is to be made can be produced whenever necessary.

Delivery Challan

By A delivery challan is issued to ensure that you can keep an account on all the items shipped and the quantity.

Gate Pass

A gate pass is issued to control the goods or products entering or leaving a site. With a QR Code, you can always keep track of where your goods have been.

Proforma Invoice

These invoices are sent before the products or goods are delivered to inform client about the quantity, amount and the details of the products that would arrive. This is very vital as there is no chance of receiving wrong goods or amount billed.

Sales Reports

The reports are given in graphs and can be taken weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or as a combination of all. These reports can be tailored according to the requirement such as client wise sales, highest material sales, lowest material sales, Client Outstanding amount etc.

Auto Due-Date Reminder

System automatically notify to the concern person for the payment reminder on due date of sales invoice.

erp sales software erp sales mobile app

Sales Mobile App

Most the of the features will work from the mobile application as well, so one can add/edit/view/delete records as per rights from the mobile application.
One can also generate receipts which can easily be emailed from the mobile itself using email templates.

Glimpse of Sales Module

In this Sales module, a batch wise and an attribute wise stock management system is present. Apart from this, one can see the pending invoice of the payments that they haven't received. Various ledgers are pre-defined in the system such as SGST, CGST, IGST, discount section, round off section, client and sales invoice which maintains the finance in the background. A full configuration option is present in the web application, which helps in managing everything, even if one doesn't have prior accounting knowledge. A complete dashboard is also present which contains information of one's business performance on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Addon Modules

Integrated supportive modules which you can opt anytime.


DMS is document management system which provides the user with the ability to access, modify, track and securely store them in a central location thereby reducing the use of paper significantly. Access to all the documents of a particular user is only given to that user to ensure there is no misuse.


With this feature, one can store life time comments and attachments on any sales entry records. Commenting can be very useful for reminding or letting one know about any important task that needs to be done while entering records in the module.

Approval System

Feature of multi-level approval system is present. If one has configured. As soon as sales invoice saved, it automatically goes for the 1st approver and than onward.

Delivery & Distribution

Our cutting-edge Delivery and Distribution ERP software! With features like truck hire, part load, dispatch advice, and more, our software is designed to streamline your logistics processes and take your business to new heights of productivity and efficiency.

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Boost your business productivity and efficiency with our all-in-one ERP solution for delivery and distribution, including modules for pending truck hire, delivery status updates, pending order generation, and delivery challan.

Delivery and Distribution ERP software Module
  • Godown Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Pending Orders Report
  • Delivery Challan
  • Dispatch Advice
  • Rent Memo
  • Truck hire with Gate Pass
  • Pending truck hire

Sales Invoice

Look Our Advanced Features Of Sales Invoice ERP Software.Streamline your sales invoicing process with our comprehensive Sales Invoice ERP software, featuring Proforma Invoice, Sales Invoice, and more modules tailored to your business needs.Say goodbye to pending invoices and complicated billing procedures - our Sales Invoice ERP software's modules make managing your finances.

Increase efficiency and accuracy in your sales invoicing with our ERP software, including modules such as Bill of Supply and Pending Invoice from Sales Order.

Sales Invoice ERP Software Module
  • Proforma invoices
  • Delivery challan
  • Follow-up system
  • Eway bill & Einvoicing
  • Approval management
  • Auto Email for pending invoices
  • Annexures & Comments
  • Attach documents
  • Email - SMS & WhatsApp

" If you have orders, you have the profit otherwise the business shuts. "

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