Marketing Expense Modules

" Measuring exact expenses can shows correct profit. "

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Growth of the company is depend on how marketing department functions. To put in all efforts in marketing, sales person do their expenses. This module help to keep track those expenses and paid them back as per company rules.

Marketing Expense Management ERP Software Solutions

Have you ever divided your marketing expenses into different categories and heads?
Does your company calculate travel expenses?
Can marketing representative(Sales Person) update their expenses and documents for proof from their mobile?

Marketing Expense Management ERP Software Module

Different company has different marketing strategies hence they have different marketing expenses. This module enables to fulfill it by defining expense categories and expense head as per requirement. Also it enables company to add Travel Type and Travel Class to measure travel expenses.


Some business needs Cash needs to be given to sales executive to carry out routine marketing expenses, So system has generated document named Requisition IOU. Using this voucher Sales Executive ask for the cash, which notification goes to senior for approval. Senior has to approve to voucher so sales executive can get the cash.


Every Sales Representative add their daily expenses with proof(Document, images) using mobile app or web application. Senior has to Pass/Reject the expenses based on company rules. One can limit the expenses by assigning limit to the expense head itself.


Month expense can be seen, Expense Category wise, Expense Head Wise, Sales Executive wise etc.

" Measuring exact expenses can shows correct profit. "

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